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Per NFPA-211 chimneys should be inspected every year, and cleaned if necessary. It is easy to get into the habit of not really worrying all too much about your chimney. Over time deposits of combustion and other debris builds up inside of your chimney. You may start to realize that it’s time for a cleaning when your fire isn’t as strong or soot starts to buildup in your firebox, or you notice a strange smell. On a more serious note, maintaining your chimney greatly reduces the risk of a chimney fire. An uncontrolled chimney fire can spike the temperature in your chimney up to around 2,000 degrees.

Our trained sweeps carefully place drop cloths around your fireplace before starting the cleaning process. We may mask off the fireplace opening to further prevent soot from entering the room where your fireplace is located. Our Dual Filtration Vacuum System captures even the finest of dust, soot and ashes.

We use brushes and flexible poles to mechanically remove clean soot and creosote deposits from your chimney cap down through the flue, smoke chamber, to the fireplace. The smoke shelf, damper Glass doors, surrounds, and hearth are also cleaned.

A typical cleaning takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Minor deficiencies are usually repaired at the same appointment. We also perform crown repairs, brick/mortar waterproofing, chimney/roof flashing repair, replace defective caps, spark/wild life screens, as well as dryer vent cleaning.

Call us at (309) 744-2419 to schedule an appointment.

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