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Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep | Lutz Chimney Services

Per NFPA-211 chimneys should be inspected every year, and cleaned if necessary. It is easy to get into the habit of not really worrying...

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Chimney Inspection

Chimney Inspection | Lutz Chimney Services

Chimney inspection is important when it comes to looking for potential hazards that aren’t always...

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Installations | Lutz Chimney Services

We perform fireplace and stove installations throughout the region. We offer a wide range of fireplaces...

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Lutz Chimney Services is your affordable source for chimney sweep and chimney inspection services in Eureka, IL and surrounding areas.
CSIA Certified.

Welcome to Lutz Chimney Services

Lutz Chimney Services is full-service chimney sweep company serving the county of Woodford County, IL and surrounding areas. Many homeowners want to enjoy the beauty and functionality of their fireplaces when the temperatures drop. Part of enjoying the many perks of having a fireplace is keeping the chimney clean and operational.

Regular chimney maintenance keeps your fireplace working effectively and efficiently. We are proud to be members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, our sweeps are experienced with chimney cleaning and inspection, maintenance and repair.

Our Services Include:
• Professional Chimney Cleaning and Inspection
• Video Chimney Scanning
• Installation of Fireplaces Inserts and Stoves; wood/gas
• Repair of Fireboxes, Smoke Chambers and Clay Flue Liners
• Chimney waterproofing (including Crown repair, water repellent for bricks, and flashing resealing)
• Installation of Flexible Liners
• Chimney Caps
• Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection
• Inspections for Real Estate and Insurance.

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